Beyond Research

Algorithm competition is my ex-girlfriend. I enjoy the process of formalizing problems and solving them using abstract symbolic languages, which also motivate me to solve more complex problem by language system. During my time leading the University of Hong Kong’s ICPC team, we entered the ICPC World Finals for the first time in 9 years and achieved 9th place in the ICPC World Challenge. We won two gold medals in regional competitions in Shanghai and Nanjing. In high school, I won a silver medal in NOI 2017 and a gold medal in APIO 2017. I was admitted early to Shaoxing No. 1 High School due to my talent in algorithm competitions.

I’m enthusiastic about exploring diverse areas such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, and economics. I believe that knowledge from different fields offers transferable paradigms and that a macro perspective is useful for solving local problems and understanding the “real problem” at hand.

Some Random Info

“Cogito ergo sum.” said Descartes. In his philosophy, “being” is the result of “thinking”. I am so deeply aspired by this phrase that, probing how “thinking” happens is the most fantastic work for me., even though the “thinking” inside mankind is always biased and misleading. Saussure said that language is the format of thinking, although it is still a controversial argument, the only thing we know is that the natural language is still the most powerful way to communicate with “thinking”.

Thanks to the development of computational techniques, today we are closer to the essence of “thinking” than any historical moment. What will happen tomorrow? We still don’t know.

I have a dream that one day an Android woke up from some martian outpost, and wrote a story about his dream in the logbook, a story about playing with Electric Sheep, about the old time on the earth…